50 Pounds of Popcorn

We received a small package of popcorn in our veggie share last fall. It was really good popcorn. I'm not kidding. But was it good enough for my husband to order a 50 pound bag of the little golden kernels?? Apparently it was! I can't stop thinking about a little book I read in grade school called "100 Pounds of Popcorn". The kids involved had to come up with some crazy ideas for using all of the popcorn up. I think I need to find that book somewhere...


  1. It really is THE BEST POPCORN EVER!!!! Although we didn't invest in a 50lb bag, we did buy a container. It works best when you heat a little coconut oil in the bottom of a pan and pop it stovetop ~ YUMMY!!!

  2. Just found the book on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/100-pounds-popcorn-Hazel-Krantz/dp/0590001426
    Would love to try the popcorn!

  3. I love the idea of using coconut oil for the popcorn, Tamara! I love popcorn done on the stove and that popcorn is so good.